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Galactogogues – The breastmilk boosting superstar

While most mothers will produce enough breast milk for their baby, some mothers will struggle with low supply issues and others may go through periods of low supply such as after bouts of mastitis, blocked ducts or while transitioning to pumping.

What are galactogogues?

For centuries, various foods or herbs were thought to help mothers produce breast milk for their babies. In more recent years, the active ingredient in many of these foods has been identified as galactogogues. Galactogogues are foods, herbs or medications that help to stimulate lactation and increase breastmilk supply. Galactogogues are found naturally in a variety of herbs and foods such as flaxseed, brewer’s yeast and fenugreek.

What do they do?

According to the Australian Breastfeeding Association, galactogogues work best in conjunction with frequent nursing or pumping especially in mothers with low levels of prolactin (the hormone that produces breastmilk). They stimulatethe production of prolactin which helps produce breast milk.

When should I use them?

If you have identified a low breastmilk supply which has not improved by correcting baby’s latch, by skin to skin contact, or by increasing feedings then it is a good time to try adding galactogogues to your diet to assist in milk production.

Why did the Milk Pantry choose to use galactogogues in its products?

We are passionate about helping mothers in their breastfeeding journey and increasing their breastmilk supply to support easier and more rewarding breastfeeding. We have carefully chosen ingredients that may help to boost breast milk supply. These special ingredients - galactogogues -  work by stimulating the breast milk hormone called prolactin.

What is in our products?              

The active galactogogue ingredients or milk stimulating foods used are: brewer’s yeast, organic flaxseed meal and organic oats which have been shown to help stimulate the hormone substance called prolactin that helps produce breast milk. 

We don't use fenugreek in our products. Many mums find that their babies are sensitive to this ingredient and that their bubs get tummy aches. This may even upset their normal breastfeeding routine. 

Only quality ingredients are used in our products and we use certified organic produce wherever possible. Each of our products have been thoughtfully designed to not only taste good but suit the lifestyle of a busy mum.

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