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Our Go To Guide for Hospital Bag Essentials

Packing a bag for hospital has to be one of my favourite parts about being pregnant. Most likely you have weeks to go before labour kicks in but to pack your bag it means that you are ready to get to the hospital at the drop of a hat and that you are about to meet your baby really soon.
It’s exciting, it’s not long until bub arrives but if it is your first bub it’s also a little nerve-wracking to know what to expect and what you’ll need when it comes time to push. Here’s a list of our must haves for the hospital bag.
It may seem like overkill but I loved having a different bag for specific things, but that way when your partner or someone else needs to grab something for you it’s easy and they’re not rummaging around through your giant undies and maxi pads. Here's our go to list and a few personal recommendations:

Baby Bag

o   Nappies

     The hospital may provide these but if not you’ll need a pack to take.

o   Baby wipes

     We love Water Wipes with no nasties in them to keep bubs skin safe from chemicals and fragrances. 

o   Singlets

     Babies need more layers than we do and hospitals can be cold!

o   Wonder suits

     We love the Bonds 2 way zip up wondersuits, absolute life savers and so easy to change the nappy without taking all of their clothes off and no tricky clips to do up either.

o   Going home outfit

     We loved having a special outfit for bubs to come home in, but it’s not necessary

o   Mittens

     Baby’s nails are so scratchy when they’re first born and they can easily scratch themselves on the face.

o   Socks

     Most wonder suits have them in built but it’s always handy to have a few spare pairs of socks for cold tootsies

o   Plastic bag

     Perfect for dirty clothes

o   Dummies

     I always swore I’d never use one but it turned out to be a lifesaver. Just be careful not to overuse it as bubs will be sucking frequently to bring your breast milk in and you don’t want a dummy to interfere with it.

o   Face cloths

     Great of little spills or baby spew

o   Muslin wraps/swaddling blankets

     Have a good little selection on hand; some warm ones and stretchy ones will come in handy


Mums Bag

o   Breastfeeding easy access bra x 2

     We love Milk and Love for a great range of breastfeeding clothes and bras

o   Comfortable clothes

     You may end up with a cesarean so just nothing too tight on your tummy

o   Pj’s

o   Make up

o   Shampoo and conditioner

o   Body wash, moisturiser & hairdryer. Whatever makes you feel Fab!

     I loved having beautiful quality products to use, it made me feel like I was on a mini holiday

o   Nipple cream (Lasionoh)

     This is hands down the best nipple cream ever.. Trust me!

o   Breast pads

     We love Bamboo Blossom Essentials for quality bamboo breast pads

o   Breast pump

     Now this one won’t be for everyone and is quite debatable between lactation specialists. Yes getting bub to feed from the breast is best and the most effective but when your nipples are super sore and you feel like you just can’t breastfeed one more time it is better to use a pump than turn to formula too early. Make sure it is sterilised and ready to go with a bottle to store the milk/colostrum in too. We recommend Spectra breast pumps from personal experience, and I have used them all!

o   Slippers/comfortable shoes

o   Mumma shakes & Mumma Muesli

These particular products are super easy for hospital and contains Brewers yeast. One just needs milk and the other doesn’t need any preparation at all.

o   Book, magazines

o   Phone charger

o   List of who to call and message with the announcement

o   Little kit with scissors and nail file etc

o   Comfortable underwear that is suitable in case of a Cesarean

o   Maxi pads

o   Going home outfit

o   Ural

     To take the sting out when you wee

o   Pillow

o   Plastic bag

o   Deodorant

o   Toothbrush and toothpaste

o   Food; cheese, bikkies muffins etc

     This is not the time to start losing weight and you’ll be up at all hours so a good little selection of food is perfect. Your body has worked hard to have a baby and now it’s working hard to feed a baby and recover so make sure you eat some yummy food.



Labour bag

o   Gatorade, snacks like: muesli bars, lollies, almonds etc

o   Water bottle

o   Swim wear for your partner

o   Plastic bag for dirty wet clothes

o   Thongs

o   Nighty/Comfy throw on dress with dark colours

o   I loved having something to cover my body when everything was off underneath

o   Face washer

o   Lip balm

o   Hair ties

o   Phone charger

o   Bathers

o   Massage oil

o   Music

 Happy Packing Mummas!
If there is anything you'd like to add to the list let us know! What was your lifesaver in hospital?

 All recommendations are from personal experience and are not sponsored or endorsed. Hospital bag picture is from PureBaby- who have the most beautiful organic clothing for babies

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