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Customer Feedback

We love hearing feedback and here are just some of what our customers have said. 

Received my white choc macadamia cookies this morning at 7:30am, it's now 1:30pm and I've had 3!! Cannot stop eating them they are so delicious. Super easy to make, tastes great and helps to keep up my supply for my hungry 5 week old. Thank you Milk Pantry! Cannot wait to try more products.”- Vanessa

“Thank you Milk Pantry for my awesome Mumma Shakes. My supply doubled with in the first few days drinking them which has made for a much more settled and content Mum and Bub. I love adding Banana and berries and creating added goodness to the already amazing blends.”

“Thank you. I'm soo glad I found your products. I wasn't ready to give up my breastfeeding cuddles with my little man” -Rebecca.

I've been I'm my breastfeeding journey now for 6 weeks. I wasn't successful with my first born, but with my second baby I'm managing very well. I've had a lot of support from both medical practitioners & lactation consultant as well as my husband. I really feel the lactation cookies and shakes have helped increase my supply along with other things. It's part of a puzzle I think is now is complete. I've tried a few brands of cookies and these are by far the yummiest I've come across. I crave them. I love that your company has expanded onto other lactation products which helps one not get bored, be let's face it, breastfeeding is hard and can/could go on for months and or years. Thank you for your outstanding products to help support my journey. “-Amanda H

” I am an under supplier to a just enough expresser and I notice a huge dip in production when I haven't had a milk booster from the milk pantry. I love the taste and ease of the double strength shakes. It definitely increased my supply from 40ml per expression. So approximately 280ml per day. The products are delicious and the packaging a delight. The brownies were so good. So easy to bake. They were soft. Fluffy... a party in my mouth...and I didn't even feel guilty about eating them. The customer service is fantastic and the orders arrive quickly. “-Hannah

“Thank you for understanding your niche market the milk pantry... you come highly recommended.” Hannah

You guys are simply amazing. My order arrives very quickly. The products are yummy and easy to use. The brownies and bickies have simple instructions and easy to whip together. Value for money and a great help in boosting and maintaining my supply! Thank you “-Carolyn

“Thanks for your speedy delivery. I am really impressed even though my bub won't be coming out til early September. It still feels good to have the products on hand and ready for his arrival”.- Karen

“Amazing products!! Love the Banana Shakes so much flavour. Really quick postage” - Bec

“Thank you! What a relief. I needed to start expressing for my return back to work soon and was in tears as I could only get 20mls in 30 mins of pumping. I could never realistically breastfeed my 6month old and work like I had always planned. But after 1 smoothie and 2 cookies, the very next night I expressed this! Thank you, now I'm in tears again but for a good reason." Sarah

“Bub born at 35wks. Started eating cookies day after birth and by day 4 expressed 30ml of colostrum. The lactation consultant and midwives are amazed at how much is coming through. Really helps knowing that at least one part of this newborn thing is happening- plus a cookie or two with a cuppa is a great break!!!” Katie

“Your products are fantastic, already working after my smoothie yesterday and started the biscuits today! Maya is feeding so much better and i can feel the difference.” Jasmin

“Delicious and very effective! Thanks so much, I will be buying from you again” Pj

“WOW after only half of one i woke up during the night leaking!” Mary

“Cookies worked an absolute treat!! They were so easy to make and they turned out just perfect! I’ve already eaten all 15 of them since yesterday!” Nadia

“Just wanted to let you know the cookies are AMAZEBALLS!!! Soooo yummy! Made some this morning, couldn't wait for them to cool so I had a double choc chip one warm!! Oh my goodness!!! And I'm feeling quite full right now when I'd normally be feeling a bit dried up! Haha Thankyou so much!” Jayde

"Thank you for my super yummy cookies. The gluten-free mixes are all yum, but my favourite it the chocolate. So super easy to make and they worked well too. I always notice if a product isn't quite gluten-free as my tummy gets so sensitive, but I've no trouble with your mixes. I'll be recommending them for sure!" Bethany

“Jessica your smoothie mix is wonderful. 2 smoothies and im already tripling my milk supply. happy mumma happy bubba thank you so much.” Nicole

I'm leaking heaps this morning and with lots of exercise I'm doing so happy to still have my milk full. Products defiantly work" Pamela

“I just wanted to say thank you for the choc cranberry lactation bites - they were delicious! Super easy and quick to put together and so handy as a lactation boosting snack! I'll will certainly be getting again and also recommending to my fellow breastfeeding ( or even non breastfeeding ) mummies as they are that good.” Ellisha

“Jess, I made your lactation bites yesterday and just wanted to let you know they are absolutely divine!! Boosted my supply perfectly:) Most difficult part is controlling my urge to eat them all and stopping my children going for them in my fridge!!!" Kate

"I've been on medication for a few months now and pump regularly and have really noticed my supply drop off even on the meds. That was until I tried the bites and bam back to a good supply! I've been run down and tired and needed something healthy to snack on and these are perfect, plus they work . Will be ordering more!!"  Amanda

“Another fantastic quick delivery and excellent service I'm definitely a repeat customer love the products and so happy with my parcel today many thanks again” Pamela

“Prompt service, lovely packaging very impressed thank you Jessica” X. Pamela

“Jessica is absolutely amazing. She goes above and beyond with customer service .. her products are absolutely amazing .. I've tried and few and hers are by far the best and the best priced. I will continue to buy from jess with pleasure up until my breastfeeding journey ends.. thanks so much jess you're wonderful ” Lauren

“Thanks so much for your amazing service” Rebecca

“It's service like this that keeps us customers coming back!!” Jodie

“Highly, highly recommend. Jess is a lovely soul. Who really goes above and beyond her service. Am a HUGE fan of this amazing product and so glad to have found you. I tell every feeding mother about you” Jacinta

“I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of a good friend of mine. She had her bub on the 4th June and was so terrified of not being able to breastfeed so I gave her some of your lactation cookie mix and she made them up and took them to hospital with her. Her little one is now 6 days old and she has an oversupply of milk and has had to go out and buy a pump because she has so much milk. She is absolutely over the moon and is amazed at how well the cookies have worked, her only issue being that they are too addictive and she is upset that she has had to stop eating them” Natasha

“I bought your GF cookies and they are awesome!!! 
Something that doesn't actually taste GF, yet to try the smoothies but if its as good as the cookies then they will be awesome too” Isobel

“Made some more cookies today and put the right amount of butter and OMG sooooo yummy. Think I am ur newest biggest fan!!!!” Jacinta

“Taste just like any brownie one word YUMMMY I had two &I started to express & got 100mls in 20mins yippie ?” Chanelle Tuesday

“I have made the chocolate chip and the Vegan coconut, by far the chocolate chip are AMAZING!!!!! you cannot tell you are eating lactation cookies at all” Shauna 

“Your choc chip cookies are so very yummy. Their milk boosting effect is a delightful added bonus! I am also so very pleased with such a prompt delivery of my order. I will be recommending these to my mummy friends” Jess 

“These products are amazing, I highly recommend them great flavours and instead boost in my supply X so glad I came across this page xx” Mel  

Strawberry shake: Best Strawberry shake I have ever had!  “Not usually a fan of strawberry milk but this shake was amazing! I have one nearly every day and found my milk was certainly boosted. They really do work!” Hanna 

Bliss balls: So easy to make and delicious! “So easy and quick to make and really yummy! I was having two for morning tea every day and was leaking everywhere! A small price to pay!” Hanna 

Brownies: So moreish and decadent! “These tasted a little too good, they didn't last long. YUM!” Hanna 

Cookie mix Phenomenal! “These cookies are by far the best lactation cookies I've ever tried! I have just whipped up some chocolate chip ones and it's so hard not to eat them all now! So quick and easy to make, I love the convenience! They have a great taste, and feels like such a treat when I can have a couple and know it's helping boost milk supply!” Vicki  

Mumma muesli Dangerously delicious! “So good, both for breakfast and as a snack. I have even found myself eating it straight out of the bag in the middle of the night after feeding bubs oops!” Hanna 

"Delish and so easy! So easy to make especially when you have a toddler and a newborn! They taste fantastic too which is the only downside! How to stop before you eat the whole batch!” Hanna Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Cookie mix:  “Making these super tasty lactation cookies could not be any easier! I love baking, but it is hard to find the time with a busy toddler on the go and a newborn baby. Because I normally bake all of my own goods from scratch, the thing that I love most about these mixes is that they contain healthy, whole ingredients and the end product is still truly "homemade", as opposed to commercial packet mix. Just one cookie was enough to give me a noticeable boost in supply, though I found that I could rarely stick to just eating one! I made the white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies, which were simply delicious. I am looking forward to making a batch of double choc this week!” Kirsten Monday, 15 February 2016

“I'm blown away by the depth of flavour in this muesli! It's very hard to stop at one serving, I often finding myself having some for morning /afternoon tea too! It has had to be hidden from my family, everyone loves it...and I'm not willing to share!” Vicki  

“Your Muesli is to die for. I have eaten it on its own and it is scrumptious!” Jelena 

Gift box: “Love love love the gift box! Admittedly it was for me but it made choosing easier. Love the packaging too.” Jenny 

Love love love my cookies!!! Jessica has been amazing providing fantastic customer service and even better products! Will stick with her as long as I am breastfeeding!” Jayde 

“You are the first person to make decent gluten free lactation cookies and without oats!! Being a true celiac it's so hard to find products that are truly gluten free. They worked so well and taste great. My only complaint was that I ate them all in 3 days! :/” Sarah 

“I literally had 2 smoothies (one each day) and I've had to pull out the breast pump! My baby is very full.” Miranda 

“The lactation cookies were really easy to make and so yummy. I had so much milk by that night, thank you!” Tracey M