Our Sustainable Impact

For the entire team here at The Milk Pantry Sustainability is what we are most passionate about. 

In 2017 we won the Sunshine Coast Business award for Sustainability. This award is such an amazing recognition for what we are doing and what we aim to achieve in the future.

We help make our mark on the world by supporting your breastfeeding journey AND at the same time changing the way you shop. We donate $1 from every order to the charity of your choice to help support a fellow Mumma. And then to help make our sustainable impact on the earth you can expect your order from us to be delivered in a biodegradable satchel or a bio degradable box. Say no to unnecessary plastics and say yes to our children's future. 

We believe that by encouraging mothers to breast feed and to support a breast feeding mothers journey we are helping to reduce the need for formula supplements, improving children's health and strengthening the bond between mother and child. This not only helps to reduce the environmental impact that packaging produces but improves our children's health and can also help to decrease post natal depression for mothers, in the long term this reduces costs to our health care system and creates a healthier, happier environment for mother and child now AND for the future.

If we as a community of mothers support each other and help in any way we can to support a mothers breastfeeding journey then WE can help change the worlds future for the better. 

Let's change the world Mummas!